By Deb Walton, Chief Gift Officer & Queen of Client Courting

Elizabeth M. the Marketing Coordinator at an insurance brokerage company didn’t set out to run an A/B test—a tool much beloved by marketing professionals to test the effectiveness of a campaign—but because of a happy accident, she was able to just that in December 2016.

“We were preparing for our Christmas gifting,” says Elizabeth. “Everyone was so focused on the clients that the brokers were forgotten.” She moved quickly to remedy this oversight and made several phone calls, leaving voice mails for gift basket companies. However, when she called Indy City Gifts, Deb Walton immediately answered her call to action and assured her that the abbreviated timeline wouldn’t be an issue.

True to her word, a short time later Deb stopped by Elizabeth’s office to show her the proposed broker gift and to drop off food samples for an impromptu taste test—which was much appreciated by Elizabeth and the rest of the staff. “Photos can be deceiving, the size is hard to tell,” says Elizabeth. And, of course, you can’t taste a picture!

Because of the personalized services offered by the company, it was important to their director that each gift be hand delivered. That meant “all hands on deck” for the company. As sales people and other staff began playing Santa Claus across the state—delivering presents to both clients and brokers—they were also reporting their observations back to Elizabeth.

“They noticed that the client gifts [from another company] didn’t look as nice and were rumpled,” says Elizabeth. The broker gifts from Indy City Gifts on the other hand, looked good throughout their travels and “were easy to transport and didn’t tip over.” The side by side comparison, although unintentional allowed the entire staff to see the quality difference of Indy City Gifts. Deb even packaged the broker gifts in large blue tote bags to make the gifts easier to carry to cars and to protect them as they were being delivered near and far.

The results of the A/B Test made it clear to Elizabeth that they needed to use Indy City Gifts for all of their Holiday gifting the following year. Her experience allowed her to develop a checklist that will help any professional office select the perfect holiday gifts.

Hot Holiday Gift Checklist:

  • High Quality—besides looking good in a photo, have you held an example in your hands and sampled the food items?
  • Portable/Stackable—if you are going to be hand delivering dozens of gifts, they need to be able to fit in your car easily and without falling over.
  • Durable—whether you are hand-delivering or shipping gifts, you need to be confident they will arrive looking just as good as when they left the office. Ask Deb about her shipping test.
  • Strategic Gift Calendaring—it makes sense to stand out from the crowd, so check to see if you can send gifts in October, November or January, instead of December. This will also help you to avoid businesses that close during December and undeliverable gifts.
  • Customer Service—true customer service is actually anticipating your customer needs before they do. An example of this is Indy City Gifts providing large gift totes to easily carry gifts that are going to be delivered by hand.

This year Elizabeth’s company will once again be hand delivering a full complement of Indy City Gifts starting the week after Thanksgiving. Not only will they be among the very first to give holiday gifts and stand out from the gift-giving stampede in late December, this company’s gift-giving tradition will also bring stress-free deliveries for the staff and happiness to all their clients and brokers!

To learn more ways Indy City Gifts can make your Holiday Gift Giving easier, call Deb Walton at 317-782-4438. You just may get a cookie if you do…