By Deb Walton, Chief Gift Officer & Queen of Client Courting

When Tamela Grabb started her job as Director of Business Development and Marketing for Simons Bitzer, she heard about the company that has been providing Welcome and Holiday gifts for the accounting firm since 2009. But after years in the marketing profession, she wasn’t about to stake her reputation on a company without checking them out.

“From the time I started I was told that Simons Bitzer had used Indy City Gifts for several years,” says Tamela. She’d heard the stories about the shortbread cookies sent out annually as Holiday gifts. “When you have customers call you after you give them a gift and ask where they can get more—that’s the best compliment!”

So she scheduled a visit to Indy City Gifts. “I was impressed with the setting,” shares Tamela. “The way Deb had things displayed made me want to ask questions about those items. She has a good supply of different vessels and the quality of the products she puts in them is great.” After sampling the famed shortbread cookies, Tamela, who is an avid baker, declared them “impressive,” adding, “I get it!”

She also found Deb Walton, Chief Gift Officer of Indy City Gifts responsive and eager to listen to her requests. “I wanted to refresh some things,” Tamela said speaking of the Welcome gifts they give to new business clients. “Deb streamlined the look and did a beautiful job. I like the way she listens and provides me with the product I want.”

More than that, she appreciated Deb’s array of creative options. “One of the most original is the gift built around the game Sorry!” says Tamela. Indy City Gifts’ legendary Sorry! gift has been effectively utilized by all kinds of companies who have been met with client concerns. “The company she told me about was able to turn a challenging situation into a win, topped with referrals. From a marketing standpoint that is golden.”

She now looks forward to working with Deb for the just-around-the-corner holiday season. Beginning the first week in December, Tamela will begin playing Santa for Simons Bitzer, hand-delivering dozens upon dozens of shortbread cookie stackers to Simons Bitzer clients. When she’s done, she’ll await the inevitable phone calls from clients asking (now that they have enjoyed their gift) where to purchase more cookies—the best compliment ever!